4th year Anniversary 💕

Hi guys today’s post is special, I was looking at my blog’s notifications and I noticed it has been 4 years since I did my blog.

I first started this blog one summer because I was visiting my father for vacation and I was so bored that I needed to find somegjong to do. I loved makeup and fashion at a young age and thats what I decided to write about here.

I want to thank my readers, for your support, likes and comments. Stay tune for more.

❤ didi


What’s in my bag ?

Hi guys, so its been a while since I did a tag and I forgot how much I love them. So today I brought this one to you and hope you enjoy..

So this is my current bag, I got it from Target a few months ago, for $20.00. I’ve been obsessing over the color red and I don’t own any red bags. I honestly wanted a Micheal Kors cross body bag but decided to get this one. The bag actually came with a little red and white scarf but I decided to take it off.

The bag is actually spacious and I can actually fit a good amount of things. And it also have two pockets on the sides.

So this is everything I carry at the moment and forgot to include my sunglasses.

So I carry a small wallet (Coach) which is a wristlet and I love it. I also carry a ipsy bag where I put my chapstick, the lippie I’m wearing that day and a little spray perfume I got in a ipsy bag. I also add here other make up like powder or eyeliner and lash glue depending of what I’m wearing. Its a great idea if anything opens or breaks your bags won’t get messy.

I have a hand sanitizer from Bath & Body works. A mexican candy because I’m always hungry especially being on a diet. I also have a little bottle with rosary beads which was blessed with holy water.

And for random things I have little flyer from when I went on a trip to San Diego, and a concert ticket when I went to go see Maluma.

That is all, normally there is more of a mess but thankfully it was not that bad.

❤ didi


Milani Hypnotic Lights | Review

Hi guys ! Today I bring a review and its on this new eye product from Milani. I’ve seen a similar product from another brand and when I saw Milani came out with this I got excited.

There are 5 different shades and I literally want all ! I got mine in my local Walgreens for around $12.00, I’ve played around with it a couple of times and feel in love especially on the shade I have.

The shade I have is in the color ‘Luminous Light’ which has a silver glitter but when you move it around its also light pink. I think its pretty alone but even prettier on top of a shadow since it is a topper.

It really puts the eye look together and can save a look. I honestly think its a great product to have in your collection and play around with it.

Here’s a little video so you can see the color better, its also with flash.

Rate: *****/*****

No complains, no bad things to say about this product and really recomend it!

Hope you like it and let me know if you’ve tried it and in what shade.

❤ didi


Where I’ve been & where beautytime101 is going| Update

Hi guys ! Very long long time since my last post and I hate having to come here and start posts the same way. I loved to blog and do beauty reviews but honestly sometimes work and life events took my inspiration. I don’t promise a post every day or every week but more often from now on.

There has been changes in my life recently which I do want to make a different post on that but also I want to make beautytime101 more life style too not only beauty related. I recently found love in traveling and diying and I want to incoroprate that into here, make my instagram grow and have a big beautytime family where we all share tips and tricks.

I’m working on my next post so stay tune ! ❤ didi


L’oreal’s Infallible Total Cover Foundation| Review

Hi guys, I know it’s been forever since my last time here. Let’s say I honestly lost my inspiration, and that sometimes happen. But today I made time to do a quick review on this foundation that I just emptied, and by the way I am so much more active on instagram: beautytime101dc

L’oreal has different foundations, and I love matte foundations so I was really drawn to this one. It says it last for 24 hrs, full coverage, and weightless feel.

I got my foundation from my local wal-mart store for about $10.00 I believe and I really had high hopes because I love a matte, full coverage foundation because I have some acne marks on my cheeks and some dark spots so I like to cover them up.


My skin is oily in some spots of my face, so I bake and spray my face to set it always no mater what foundation I use. With this foundation I feel it made me look extra oily and my face heavy at the end of the day. I work 8-10 hours a day and I have my makeup on for about 11 hours or so, and at first I hated it and stopped using it. Then I decided to give it another shot, because it had decent coverage  but this time mixed it with another foundation since I noticed it was a little too light for my skin. The next time I notice I started to break out, but I still don’t know the reason if its hormonal, stress, my dirty brushes(yes I was being lazy but finally cleaned them today).


My personal opinion I didn’t like it, it was not that bad but not my favorite. I have tried better foundations, but it would work better for people that don’t have oily skin, or just set it properly because I did noticed it lasted longer when I baked and used setting spray. Also when squeezing the makeup out from tube it looked like when you squeeze out old makeup I don’t know if that makes sense or if you’ve done it before but it looked dried out and stuck together if it makes any sense.I also think that there are better drugstore foundations! I also feel there are way more light shades in the collection.

Rate: ***/*****



Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Review

Hi guys, so I currently thinking about new posts to write and just get back on track with my  blog since having a 11 hr shift is basically my life right now.

So I recently got two new palettes, one of them is an oldie but kind of recent. I believe it was out a couple of months back and everyone was talking about it.



Too Faced, Sweet Peach palette retails for $49 on the website and Sephora. It is pricey if you ask me but if your like me that its rare that you buy expensive make up or high end eye shadow palettes, then once in a while does not hurt.

There are 18 super pigmented shadows, which some are shimmer and matte. I love the idea of the packaging and the color scheme, Too Faced seriously rocked it! There are other products for this peach collection like lip glosses and blush palette, and I recently saw that they might come out with more peach products.

Another interesting thing is that it literally smells like peaches, so every time I do my makeup I stop for a second to smell the palette.

I really hope you enjoy, and bear with me I want to update this blog and make it better. So its going to go through some changes. But if you want more reviews like this please like.

❤ didi

instagram: beautytime101dc


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Forgotten post | Long distance relationship

Hi guys,
honestly I feel bad for noting continuing with the schedule I planed or made more posts. I feel like my inspiration left for a while and I am looking for it. Not that I don’t like my blog I do I feel it has helped me gain confidence and made me a little more creative.

I love posting because I use it as somewhere I can write and write my true feelings. Today I want to share more about my long distance relationship, as you know my boyfriend left already and it been 1 month and about 3 weeks already.

To be honest it’s been the MOST EMOTIONAL year yet! I felt the last year will be a piece of cake, but it’s been the hardest. I feel we kind if lost communication, I don’t know if it’s normal or something is really wrong. I saw him not that long ago I felt so happy but he felt different. Like he was with me but his mind was somewhere else. It honestly scares me, that we’re together because we’re use to each other and not because of what we felt.

Everyone thinks different and it’s hard having a relationship now a long distance relationship is harder and has to have more effort. Which I honestly don’t know if I have any more.

I didn’t want to make this post super dramatic or with drama….I don’t really share in depth my relationship but its hard and its either going to make us stronger or break us.

***I actually wrote this a few months back, in April I believe. And now it’s been almost 5 months since I wrote that first part of the post. For some reason I didn’t publish it. But what I can remember it was a hard month. And it keeps being hard, for that moment I thought I lost my best friend…because that’s what my boyfriend is to me.

I want to post more for you guys and share my adventures but at the same time my passion which is makeup, fashion, and crafts. And also show more of my life style.

But overall long distance relationship is sooooooooooo hard. Now I am 2 years and 6 months with my boyfriend and we keep trying and making this better each day. All I have to say nobody is perfect and communication is the key honestly. And when you feel like something is wrong just say it and say what you really feel. Only 3 months for my boyfriend to be back and plans are to move in or even marriage. But we both decided since we’ve been far away from each other to enjoy our relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend a little longer.

thanks for reading, and stay tune for more things,