Planning a trip| Theme Park

Hi guys, happy Sunday hope you all had a wonderful weekend and ready to start a fresh new week.

Today I will share some tips and trips I’ve learned when planning a trip to a theme park. I’ve gone numerous times to different theme parks and I’m actually going to a theme park real soon so I thought it was perfect time to share this especially with summer coming along.


All images where found on Google

  1. where/ when

Where do I start you would ask, and that’s where you need to sit down and think when (what season/ time of the year) you would like to go. You can google crowd estimate for that park and it will show you a graph when there would be more people at the theme park.
Some theme parks for example Disneyland would show you when tickets are cheaper like during the week and more money during weekends or even holidays when you guys buy tickets online.


2. Research

Next important step is doing research, I love going on Pinterest and searching for tips and tricks when going to theme parks. There are tons of tips especially if you’ve never gone, even how to get free ‘First Visit’ pins at Disneyland.
I like to plan my day also maybe setting what time we’re leaving, so I can ask for days off at work. Making sure I can keep planning my trip.
*Research whats included with tickets, transportation, parking fee.

download (3).jpg

3. Budget

After setting what theme park, date, and asking for days off what is important as well is budgeting. Making sure how much money you need to save,or spend on those days. You’ll be stress free and enjoy the parks more.
Again you can see on Pinterest, ask someone that has gone about approximation how much they spent. You can start reserving hotel, dinner, or whatever your planning on doing on your day at the park that needs reservation.




  • Check weather to plan outfits so your not too hot or cold.
  • Download park app to check wait times.
  • Google park maps to gt an idea how big park is and whats inside if you’ve never gone before.
  • Buy tickets online to avoid ticket lines and get inside parks faster.


Next post I will share tips on what to take to the theme parks. Hope you enjoy.

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Quick get ready with me | video

Hi guys, today I’ll share a quick GRWM video that I dis this morning. This is my very quick everyday look, what I do usually on a daily basis.

Hope you enjoy !

❤ Didi.


Empties | Products I’ve used up

Hi guys, hope you all are having a great Saturday. Can you believe we’re in March already I feel it went flying.

Today I will share products I used up, my thoughts/ review and if I would buy again. Some products I had laying there and had little product and decided to use up and save space. In a post on Instagram I did mention wanting to use up all my product I already own instead of buying new ones.

Hope you enjoy, comment if you had the chance to try any of the products I mentioned. Don’t forget to add me on Instagram were I post daily: beautytimeblog101.

This first item I repurchased already and if you follow me on Instagram you can see I love Kylie’s Cosmetics lipsticks. This shade is my favorite nude, it’s called Dolce K (retails for $17.00 on Kylie’s Cosmetics website), it’s actually one of her first lipsticks she released when she started her makeup line. I love the shade, and how long I can wear it without having to reapply so often. I recently just bought another one since I love it so much.


(Picture from Kylie Cosmetics website)

This next product is one I got from my sister actually since it was a shade dark for her, she is a bit lighter then me. I decided to try it out the Flower BB Cream. I actually mixed it with another foundation since I do like a more full coverage. This is a product I used then stopped using and found it again in my make up drawer and decided to finish it. I went on the website to add the link but seems they don’t have it any more. This is one of the products I honestly don’t feel like I need in my life, I mean I like it but I’m not into BB creams. But if you like a lighter foundation you use give it a try.

Lately I’ve been getting more into skin care, and thinking about ways to start taking care of my skin. I remember I received a toner in my Ipsy glam bag which I didn’t try out. I got a mini size toner from Pixi which I’ve seen iluvsarahii talk in her videos and decided to try it out. I fell in love with the Glow Tonic (retails $4.00 on the website), I feel it left my skin super clean and with a pretty glow. But best of all, its super affordable and in Target. In the website they even have the mini size perfect if you travel or for on the go. I recently bought another toner, but will buy the full size of this after.


(Picture is from Mac Cosmetics website)

I also tried the fix+ from Mac Cosmetics, I threw out the bottle before this post. I actually had never tried it before, but I loved it and would repurchase. I got it with my Ipsy points and I love how it makes the powder melt into your skin and makes eye shadow more vibrant like the shimmer ones. I got mine in the Rose (retails for $27.00) scent, Mac Cosmetics has other scents as well.

What are your empty products ? Hope you enjoy don’t forget to like and comment.

More empities posts to come.

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February Favorites

Hi guys, happy Tuesday !

Hope you guys are having a great day, and so February is literally over. I feel January and February pasted very fast. March will be here in no time, and Spring will start.

So before the months over I wanted to share my favorite products in the month of February. I also add links to the products that are still available if your interested.

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For this month there are not a lot of products because most of the products I fell in love with I bought towards the end of the month so they will pretty much be shown in the month of March.

I have two eye shadow palettes that I have been using more this month. One is a older one that I stopped using and the other is a bit more recent.
This is the Sephora brand palette I got for a Christmas, it’s called More than meets the Eyes. I stopped using this palette because of the shade range, I noticed I don’t tend to use those shades. But like I said in a previous post I am trying to use all my products or change eye shadow palettes so I don’t use the same one. But I have been liking the browns in this palette, and also the greens.

The other palette is from Colourpop, which they did a collaboration with Disney and the palette’s called It’s a Princess Thing. I love this palette, I haven’t used all the shades I usually use the browns and shimmers for the inner corner. I just love Colourpop, they don’t disappoint.

Next I have 3 lipsticks, two from Kylie’s Cosmetics, surprise surprise ! And the other lippie is from Colourpop. I love Kylie’s formula, shades and the way they smell. I’ve been using Ginger a lot like my everyday lip and also been getting a bit into gloss. I stopped using gloss for years and kind of got back to it a bit and I’ve been using Exposed which is one of the older shades she came out with. (On the website they only have Exposed as a matte liquid lipstick and as a lip kit)

The last lipstick I’ve been using a lot is from Colourpop from the Becky G collaboration in the shade Chola. I just love the shade it’s a red brown perfect for Fall/ Winter, plus super affordable.

This is a item I repurchased because I lost it and I think it’s great to have. It’s an Elf Cosmetics brush, the Flawless Concealer brush. I honestly love this brush I feel it blends out better than with a sponge or any other concealer brush, it leaves the skin like airbrush. I’ve also noticed when I blend product near my pores it kind of makes them unnoticed and makes it look more smooth.

The last item I fell in love with as well, is the Wet N Wild Cucumber 3-in-1 Primer Water. It smells exactly like cucumbers, its so refreshing. I feel it also makes my makeup look so much better and smooth. I also says its prep, set and refresh but I haven’t used it as prepping for makeup. I recommend it if you haven’t had the chance to try it out, there are two more scents I think rose and coco which I do want to try out.

Thank you for reading

Didi ❤


Disneyland vs. Disney World

Hi guys, hope you are all having a great Friday !

As you might already know I am a huge Disney fan, and I love going to Disneyland. Last year in November, I got the opportunity to travel to Florida and got the chance to visit Disney World.

Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of going to Disney World, I literally cried when I entered the park and saw how beautiful Cinderella’s castle was. But they do have there differences even though they are from Disney.

1. The Castle

I have gone a ton of times to Disneyland ever since I was younger, and for me the most beautiful thing is the castle. I just love going and seeing the castle, especially at night. So when I went to Disney World and saw the castle like I said I cried. Its so beautiful, it much bigger. It’s slimmer but taller unlike Disneyland’s castle is shorter but wider.

2. Park’s space/ lands

Like I said I’ve gone multiple times to Disneyland and I pretty much know where everything is and can get around without a map. So obviously being in Disney World I used a map since the lands were a bit different, and where the parks were located. I noticed Disney World’s park is so much bigger but between rides and lands there’s more space, in Disneyland the lands and rides are closer to one another.

(Top image Disneyland and bottom is Magic Kingdom)

3. Rides/Lines

Another thing is that Disney World does not have all the Disneyland rides, for example the Indiana Jones, Alice in Wonderland, the story book rides (except for Peter Pan) etc. If your familiar with the Dumbo ride you know its little elephants going up and down as if they are flying, well in Disney World they have magic carpets from Aladdin as the same concept. Something I also noticed is that they don’t have Toontown where they have Mickey and friend’s homes and food.

Peter Pan and It’s a small World are differnt than Disneyland’s

Its a Small World in Disneyland building is outside (this is during the Holidays)

Something I loved about Disney World is that the lines are way shorter, the longest I made in the lines were about 40 min which is not as bad. In Disneyland I have waited more than an hour before for a ride.

Favorite restrooms from Disney World they are Tangled inspired

I just love Disney and going to the parks it has a special place in my heart. Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Didi ❤


IPSY glam bags Ideas

Hi guys, happy Tuesday. So today I have more ideas and tips for you guys. How many of you have subscription boxes, or Ipsy ? And how many of you have ton of glam bags and don’t know what to do with them ?

I have a few ideas on how to use re-use and give them a purpose.

Personal Little Bag

So I came up with the idea of making one of the Ipsy glam bags into my emergency bag to keep in my car. I added bobby pins, elastic bands, hand sanitizer, lip balm, pads, etc. Anything you think you might need even spare change, earphones, gum, a granola bar. The things you can add to you emergency bag is unless.

Skin Care bag

This is a good idea for when you travel, or spending the night at a friends house and you don’t need a lot of space. Its big enough for the essential things. Again it’s up to you what you need and want to have inside. Most appropriate for mini size products like the ones we get from Ipsy. Maybe even a cute gift idea and add beauty products you can use.

Everyday Makeup bag

I seriously use a Ipsy bag everyday for work. I finish up my mascara and lips at work to get out of the house faster and arrive on time. I add my mascara, lash curler, lip stick, and usually gum or candy. Its a decent size bag where you can put your every day essentials.

Going Out Bag (Clutch)

I loved this bag, it’s one of my favorite ! It’s pretty enough for a clutch, and big enough for a cell phone. I would add cash/cards, lip product, lash glue if I’m wear lashes, maybe a small mirror. This bag is ready to party and have a good time.

Travel Bag

This is my top favorite bag, I love to travel and was so excited when I received it. I actually took it with me to my last trip and used it as a jewelry bag and to save some space I added some band aids. You can add important travel papers, maybe a snack, pen, charger, so you have better access and know where you have everything. The idea is to stay organized especially on a trip.

Electronic Bag

I was having a hard time organizing my chargers, portable chargers and the outlet boxes. I added all of them to this bag and it’s so organized now in my drawer and know where they are when I need them. I also added my usb, and sometimes my instant camera film packs.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I even gave some glam bags to my mom and sisters so that helps as well.

❤ didi.


My favorite nudes ❤💄

Hi guys, so I’ve noticed I’ve been using nude lipsticks alot recently before I use to wear more color. But I wanted to share my favorite nudes that I’ve been recently wearing.

9 lipsticks from different brands and prices.

As I’ve always said I love Kylie lipsticks. And it seems I always buy nude ones.

From left to right: dolce k, exposed (gloss), bunny and ginger.

This is a lipstick from Sephora’s brand I actually got on sale for $7. Super comfortable to wear it’s a satin finish.

Top shade: 22

Next three lipsticks are from Colourpop which I also love. They all have different finish.

Left to right: mija, trap, times square

Last one is a mini from Kat Von D. I got it from a set of 3 with matching mini nail polish. I love the shade and its comfortable as well.

Last shade on the right: love craft

Hope you enjoy, if you get any tag me on instagram: beautytime101blog