Hello !


Hiiii, I’m Didi and I’m a new blogger here on WordPress…I had an old blog but decided to start fresh. My blog is about fashion, Diys, makeup, hauls, outfit ideas, tips, inspiration, etc. I’m currently a college student with ambition to one day be in the makeup/fashion industry. I though starting a blog would help me get creative, inspired and get more experience. That’s why I came up with the name beautytime101, (I know, I know real creative huh? Hah).I really hope you guys like my blogs and don’t get overwhelm if I post more than once a day (I can sometimes do that πŸ˜‰ haha) sorry if this introduction was boring, this will get better lol ! Right now I’m out of town and uploading from my phone so my page will go through some difficulties or maybe constantly changing.
Hope you have a great night or day, where ever you are ! Don’t forget to dream big and catch for the stars ! 🌃
Catch more of me tomorrow !
Xoxox, Didi


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