How to: Get a Perfect Winged Line 👀❤

When I started doing my makeup five years ago when I was fifteen ( wow, I feel old saying this now lol) I started with the basics mascara, blush, liner, and lip gloss. After a year I was getting more into it, and kind of doing eye shadow and liquid liner. I usually skipped the liquid liner because that would stress me out! Practice makes perfect, and take your time if your a beginner.
If your a beginner you should know there are two different kinds of liquid liner tips. (i don’t know the actual name to it) There’s one that has a soft tip and moves around a lot, and a hard tip that doesn’t move. I recommend a hard tip the application is easier.
I found a pictorial that shows how to get that perfect winged line.


As you may see it does not look complicated, first you do the wing and that’s up to you how long you want it. Then doing a curved line going from the liner corner to the outer corner of the eye. You also decide how thick you want it but I recommend not doing it too thick because you will fill it in. After that you connect the wing with the curved line, and just fill it in.
And that’s how you get a beautiful winged line. If I had this pictures five years ago, it would of helped a lot and I would of been a pro by now 😉
Hope you enjoyed, I’ll might post later on the day. ❤
Xoxo, Didi


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