How to: Keep cool in the Summer Time


Summer started already, I don’t know about you but it seems like summer got here months ago. With this hot weather I decided to post how I keep cool, and some beauty essentials.


How I cool in the summer:
1. Drink lots of cold water/ liquids
2. Wear light colored cloths
3. Wear sunglasses & hats
4.Do up do’s !
5. Eat fresh fruits
6. Beach/ pool/ etc.

This are just some things I do during the hot weather plus staying home in the a.c as long time as I can. Now three beauty essentials you should try or have.


Sunscreen, BB Cream, and Baby Lips
Sunscreen is a must specially now that the weather is getting hotter and the sun rays stronger. BB creams are great for summer because they have great benefits for your skin plus SPF, and light weight. Babylips are perfect for any day, they moisturize while giving a little color.

Wish you liked this post and found it helpful. Have a great day/ night.
Xoxo, Didi


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