My Current Skin Care

I am not a pro in this subject I’m still learning and finding out what is best for my skin. My skin is oily, it has acne marks, but yet its soft. A few months ago I started to use the Mary Kay’s Timewise set. Now that I’m 20 I decided to take care of my skin a little more and prevent future wrinkles. Obviously I will have some but with the right products there will be less (I hope so) πŸ˜‰
If you haven’t checked out Mary Kay’s products, if you want to order, or just see what they have here’s my aunt’s page she’s an official Mary Kay’s representative.


This is the set, it comes with four different products. I got the Timewise set at $90, I really don’t if prices changes.


First product is an 3-1 cleanser, this really makes my skin feel soft and clean. I don’t use it everyday maybe twice a month.


This is the Age- fighting moisturizer which I love to apply right before I put on foundation. I love this moisturizer !


There’s two solutions the day, and the night. This is the day which has SPF 25.


The final product the night solution.

I recommend this products if your looking for something to take care of future wrinkles. Mary Kay has other great products, like make up to perfumes.
Hope you enjoyed this post, I post some more later on ❀
Xoxo, Didi


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