My Top 10 Fav Beauty Gurus on Youtube ❤

Here’s my second post, and the last one for the day.
I love watching you tube videos, special beauty gurus. i learn so much from them, and they seriously inspire me. It was hard to narrow it down to 10 beauty gurus, but then I decided I should make like a series where I talk about different you tubers  and get the chance to talk about them and maybe you guys check them out 🙂
So for this post I’ll just give you my Top 10 and put their youtube channel name so you can see some of their videos.

1. Charis Lincoln- ‘CharismastarTV’


2. Weylie Hoang- ‘ilikeweylie’


3. Nicole Guerriero- ‘nguerriero19’


4. Belinda Selene- ‘missbelindaxox’


5. Yuya-‘lady16makeup’


6. Promise Phan- ‘dope2111’


7. Dulce Candy- ‘dulcecandy87’


8. Bethany Mota- ‘macbarbie07’


9. Lynette Ceneé- ‘nailswithlynette’


10. Michelle Phan- ‘michellephan’


All these ladies are beautiful, inspiring, creative, and I love to watch their videos.  I recommend their videos if you haven’t seen them. If you want to see more on beauty gurus, comment or anything you might want to see next. You can also email me at
Hope you enjoyed, have a great day/night come back tomorrow !
Xoxo, Didi


4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Fav Beauty Gurus on Youtube ❤

  1. Dulce, Weylie, Nicole and Michelle are some of my favorites too. I’m obsessed with their videos

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