Who wore it best ?


I was looking through some pictures on Google, and I came across a picture where two celebrities were wearing the same thing ! I was thinking if celebrities could buy any piece of clothing, and they end up wearing the same thing as another celebrity? Any who, I got some pictures and talk about who wore it best.


Selena Gomez VS. Lea Michelle

In my opinion they both look great, they both always look beautiful. I have to say I love how Lea looks, she looks classy and the dress looks better and I like more how she has the sleeves. I also think an up-do shows of more of the beautiful dress.


Kim Kardashian VS. Jennifer Lawren

I have to say Jennifer took this one. Doesn’t she looks gorgeous? I just love the whole look.


Victoria Beckham VS. Miley Cyrus

This one was tough ! I think they both pulled it off. But since I have to choose I pick Miley. I just think Victoria should of had an up-do also to show off the shape of top or at least have her hair back.


Nicole Scherzinger VS. Naya Rivera

This was also difficult since they are very very similar. Same color shoes, and hair! I’ll go with Naya on this.


Katty Perry VS. Nikki Minaj

White Wigs! There’s nothing to think about…Katy Perry all day, everyday ! ❀

Hope you enjoyed this new series to my blog. If you find more of this you can send some to me at the e-mail: beautytime101@hotmail.com

Comment below who you think wore it better…I would love to read your opinions.

Xoxo, Didi


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