Beauty Guru of the Month ❤

As you may have read on my Top 10 Favorite Beauty Gurus I said that I’ll make like a series talking about one guru at a time. I decided to chose one for each month…so I don’t bore you with the same posts.

The first Beauty Guru, is my number one favorite of all time. Charis Lincoln ! ❤


Who is Charis ?
Charis is a 28 year old, married to the love of her life, talented, Disney lover, she’s really into religion. She also won NXY Face Award in 2012.



The first video I ever saw from her was the ‘Our Love Story’,and it was all because Talia Castellano in on of her blog video I believe her and her sister was talking about Charis video. They were in tears and said it was a lovely story, so I watched it.


It was a beautiful story, one of my favorite video from her! It had me in tears, I could relate to things, it made me reflect, and just feel in love with the couple.


I feel in love with Charis personality, how down to Earth she was, also that she loves Disney as much as I do. She’s so creative with her videos…she’s seriously one of my inspiration.


Youtube channel: CharismastarTv
Blog Channel: CharismastarLifeTv
Instagram: Charismastar

If you want to know more about this beautiful lady check out her videos, but I warn you…you can get addicted.

Hope you liked this new part of my blog, do you find beauty guru’s inspiring ?

Ps. Tomorrow I have a special post❤
Xoxo, Didi


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