How to: Fill in your eyebrows

I found a helpful pictorial that can help you fill in your eyebrows. With steps that are easy to follow. I personally don’t fill in my eyebrows because they are really dark, but when I do fill them in its just to make them longer.

*TIP: If you have light hair fill in your eyebrows with a shade 3 times darker. If your hair is dark, fill in your eyebrows with a shade 3 times lighter.



As you see the girl in the picture doesn’t have much of an eyebrow. If that your case you can play a little to find a good shape for your face. If you have found one I recommend getting it waxed and get shaped, it will be easier to fill it in.

So you start lining the bottom of the brow and you lightly fill it in. With the light strokes you’ll achieve a natural looking eyebrows. Its better to do it in a well lit room, and be checking each time how the look. With a eyebrow comb do lightly strokes to blend the color. With a small brush and concealer outline the brow this will make the line sharper and cleaner. Blend it well so there’s no harsh lines. Then just add a highlight underneath the brow and you ready.

Practice does make perfect so don’t hesitate if the first time you don’t get it perfect.

Have a great day !
Xoxo, Didi


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