Tip of the day !

Hello, once again my phone is acting up and I can’t upload as often or anything at all!
But I’ll soon be at home and be able to post more and more frequently.

So summer has been here, and with really hot weather I hate when my feet start cracking it dose not look pretty when your wearing cute summer sandals.
My mom has done this all time, and I’ve started doing and its very simple if this is your problem too. And best of all you might have all the things in your house!

What you need:


Foot scrubbers, theres different kinds and you can find really cheap ones. This is optional if your feet are starting to crack a little your fine and go on to next steps. But for better results this will help.


Vaseline! I normally do this when I get out of the shower and my skin is moist. I get regular Vaseline and apply it where I most need it on my feet.


Socks! After I’m done I get a pair of socks(choose ones you don’t mind getting vasline on). Then just slip them on and I stay with the socks for a couple of hours or when the vasline has dried or just sleep with them and take them off the next morning.

Hope you enjoyed !
Xoxo, Didi


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