Who wore it best ? #2

So here’s another post lol, the third one today!
I just feel like I haven’t been uploading a lot since my phone was acting strange.

Here’s another Who wore it Best, that I personally have fun watching and seeing what celebrities wear.

Hope you enjoy and I’ll post more tomorrow πŸ™‚
❀, Didi


Beyonce vs. Adrienne Bailon
I love Adrienne since ‘The Cheetah Girls’ and her style. But today for this picture I have to go with Beyonce. I don’t know I just love how Beyonce combined the sweater with the skirt and Adrienne’s makes her look more wide from her hips.


Cristina Milian vs. Cher Lloyd
I think they both look gorgeous! I just feel this outfit is more of a Cher Lloyd style and I’m feeling how she did her hair she kind of looks more put together than Cristina.


Jessica vs. Katy
I loved this dress, its so different…but I love it more it black. I feel like Katy choose the right accessories, but Jessica look fab also.


Alicia Keys vs. Selena Gomez
This is practically the same outfit and just the shoes changes. In my opinion I think this outfit fits Selena more because of her age but they both have great bodies and beautiful ladies and have to say both πŸ™‚


Beyonce vs. Kim
When I first saw this picture I thought ‘what is Kim wearing!!?’ It does not flatter her figure and I don’t think the pattern suits her body. This is not the best pic of Beyonce’s dress but she looked beautiful!


Katy vs. Beyonce
Okay so have you notice Beyonce mentioned a lot lol ( I just noticed it) I think they both rocked it adding their own touch of style. But I’ll go with Katy on this.

If you find more email me at beautytime101@hotmail.com if you wish or if you have any requests!

Who do you think wore it best ?


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