Beauty Guru of the Month


Beauty Grur of the Month:


I found Megan’s channel like last year and I saw a few videos but stopped watching her which is wierd becasue I am so obssessed with her at the moment. I’m always checking on Instagram when she uploads new videos. She is beautiful inside and out, I love that she’s really creative and shows how she really is.

 I love to watch her vlogs because I feel that’s when you learn more about a beauty guru, and see what they do on a daily bascis. I don’t know much about her because I’m like a new subscriber but each time I get more hooked on watching her videos. I feel that in her beauty channel you see her more perfessional and serious while in her vlog channel she’s more relaxed, funny, more chilled, and herself.

 I recommen her if you like to watch makeup and hair tutorials. She also has a few tag videos…or if you want to check out a new beauty guru, I recommend her 🙂

Youtube Channel: Ciooabelllaox

Vlog Channel: LaVitaDiMeg

 Instagram: Ciooabelllaox



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