High School Advice!


High School Advice


Today I decided not to post something about beauty, I decided to give advice and share my view and opinions.


I don’t know about you but changing schools was hard for me…making new friends, meeting new teachers, new materials always made me nervous.
When I use to see movies like Mean Girls, Bratz The Movie, High School Musical, etc I thought high school was going to be hard, and that their will be like a clique or person in charge…that I would get picked on and things like that. I thought about what clique I would be part of, I had so many unanswered questions in my head.


My last year of middle school wasn’t the best and had a few problems with people I thought were my “friends”.
Looking back I wish I had someone who would help me out, and give me some advice…or share their experience with me. It’s what I’ve been thinking about lately, high school it sounds bigger than elementary or middle school. I don’t know if any freshmens will read this but I thought it would be great if I share my tips or experience and what to expect. I couldn’t take it to see my sister who will be a freshmen get all nervous and worried about high school, and to think that there are many more teens like her right now.

– Everyone has different experiences, so don’t think what happened to someone will happen to you.


-Things you saw on tv, dosen’t actually happen (people thrown on trash cans, etc)


-Being popular or part of a ‘groupie’ isin’t everything in high school.


-Think twice before doing something that you’ll regret later.


-There will be temptations and peer presure, just remember who you are and if in the end it will be worth it.


-Get involve in a sport or club even if it seems not cool, maybe you’ll have fun.


-Be nice to your teachers, you never know who will teach you a life lesson.


-Try to attend to Homecoming/ Prom evening if you don’t have a date, you can always go with your girlfriends/friends and have a blast. It’s a once in a life time event that you wouldn’t want to miss.


-Do your best always, focus in your school work the firt years so senior year at be stress-free.


-When you have trouble in a subject ask classmates or teacher for help or even attend tutoring. Worst thing you can do is to not ask for help!


Maybe high school will be hard for you because of the school work, peer pressure, or because you found out that your elementary/middle school best friend isin’t a true friend. It will seem like the worst thing ever trust me I’ve been there! But I want you to remember it will be ok…you’ll get thru it. You don’t have you change to be liked, you’ll find real friends and its better to have a few than a full of fake ones.
Boyfriends/Girlfriends, drugs, pregancy, drop outs, fights, friends, graduation, prom, etc. A lot of things happen in high school…when I look back it was four years that were good and bad…but its up to you how you want those years to go. High school should be awesome, and fun!


High school is a time where you learn a lot about yourself, and others. Your future also kind of depends on the choices you make in those years. You can always ask your parents, a family member, friend, teacher, etc for advice…or their opinion if you have questions or having a rough time at school.


I really hope you liked this, me giving advice and my opinions…if you want me to keep up posting things like this please like it or comment. Also if you have any questions for me or requests email me at beautytime101@hotmail.com

Thankyou to all my subscribers, and anyone whos reading I appreciate it. If your a freshmen…relax everything will be fine, enjoy it because those years will go flying 🙂


xoxo, Didi



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