Beauty Guru of the Month!

I’ve been absent for some time now, (if you noticed) I haven’t been blogging as much since I started school and all my hours goes to that and homework. It’s my fourth week and let me tell you being a full time college student takes all your time.

images3PV61IH9Anyways today I picked a new Beauty Guru of the Month, it was hard to pick since I have a lot if favorite ones. For the month of September I picked Weylie Hoang, she’s so freaken’ amazing, so funny, and talks her mind out. Weird but the first video I watched from her was a how to put a tampon lol, I didn’t want to know but it looked interesting and I was looking for new people to watch. She was so funny, and I checked other videos and got hooked.
images975CVBACimages     imagesKINIV9CP

She also has a vlog channel she does with her boyfriend Wah, they are the cutest couple ever! Plus very funny, you’ll be laughing in every single video you watch from them. She is so talented, humble, and adorable. Would love to met her ❤ She’s literally like a big sister, she makes videos of advice, her experiences, and tips plus a lot of beauty ones too.

Youtube channel: ilikeweylie
Vlog channel: wahlietv
Instagram: ilikeweylie


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