Item to try!

Good morning, or afternoon where ever you might be I hope your having a wonderful day! โค
Specially because we are now in FALL :D, I don’t know but I’m really excited which is weird because in Arizona we practically don’t have fall just Summer and Winter :/

Anyways, I still want to upload my August favorites but my camera doesn’t want to transport the pictures to my computer so I’ll upload that asap!

Today I have a ‘Item toย try’ which I use for some time now, I have purchased it several times now. It’s a must in my makeup bag. Specially right now with the hot weather, I like to wear eye shadow primer and I love E.L.F.’s eye shadow primer. It lasts, it doesn’tย crease, and best of all its $1 ๐Ÿ™‚

imagesย I believe there’s different colors, but I usually just get the ‘essential eye lid primer’. I recommend it if you want to start using one and don’t want to go over your budget. I believe almost every drugstore has E.L.F products…I usually get mines from Target or Wal*Mart.

Hope I helped you if your looking for a primer, or something new to try.

xoxo, Didi


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