September Favorites !



As promised here are my September favorites, I wanted to upload it asap and not be like last month. But unfortunately I couldn’t upload the pictures I took. I got the pictures from Google, and hope you don’t mind. Plus I’m currently in school, with lots of homework and taking midterms 😦 #WishMeGoodLuck

blogNirvana- Makeup Remover

This product I actually bought a few months ago, at a Mexican local store…I bought it because it said it would help with your lashes plus it had vitamin E. I stopped using it, then started and I love it, and don’t know why I stopped using it. I like to put some on my lashes when I get out of the shower at night and it’s like a treatment for them which helps them grow. Plus it’s also a makeup remover, but I usually just leave it on my lashes the whole night since it’s like an oil.


Bissu- Lipsticks

These are not the actual colors I have, if you want an review please comment. I get these lipsticks from Mexico (which is 5min. away from me) and get them for about a dollar or two. I love them not only for the price but the quality. It has great pigmentation, variety of colors and it lasts for quite some time. I don’t know if they sell outside of Mexico but I’ll leave the website down below 🙂


equate- Deep Cleaning toner

I been wanting to get a toner since I’ve been getting into taking care of my skin/face. I got these one as my first it’s compared to the Clean & Clear one. Since I haven’t used a toner before I didn’t know what to expect but I like it, it makes my face feel extra clean. I think I would repurchase but I’ll like to try others, if you recommend any please let me know.


Sunflower- perfume

I seriously don’t know who’s it by, but my dad actually gave it to me as a gift. Ever since I smelled it I use it almost every day. It’s a nice sweet smell you can wear all year round. I’m almost out of it, which is sad, but hopefully I find it again, I believe he got it from ROSS but have no idea where else they might have them at.


Chap Stick- Pumpkin Pie

I recently got an Chap Stick because my lip were super chap and sometimes I don’t like wearing color in my lips. Or in reality chapped lips with lipstick on them, look horrible. So I get in the store looking for a Chap Stick I was going to get the cherry typical one, but then saw they had an ‘Pumpkin Pie’ one and OMG! I had to have it I love pumpkin pie, plus we’re in fall and went perfectly together ❤


BH COsmetics- Foreve Nude Palette

Let me tell you, that I loveee this palette. I’m not lying when I tell you that I have used it every single day since I got it. It comes with six shadows, one highlight, two blush/contour, and two lip balms. The pigmentation is great, the colors are beautiful, you can do an everyday look or change it up to night.
One of my favorite youtubers Nicole Guerriero  did an makeup look with this palette and I thought it was adorable. Check it out if you would like to see more of the palette, be beware you might fall in love and want to order it just like me lol 😉


That’s all for this month, it’s a small post for favorites but hopefully next month is better 🙂
Hope you have an amazing weekend, and if your in midterms like me GOOD LUCK !

xoxo, Didi


3 thoughts on “September Favorites !

  1. Love your favorites! I had no idea that Chapstick made Pumpkin Pie! That is awesome!!! Plus I definitely want to get the Forever Nude Palette as well. 🙂 xo

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