Item to Try: COVERGIRL: Ready, Set, Gorgeous

Hello, good morning, evening, or night where ever you might be.
Just wish your having a great day and smile even though your having a rough time.

Today’s post will be about two new products I just tried. Covergirl’s Ready, Set, Gorgeous concealer and foundation.imagesWSU0YBG4imagesN6T97N9AThe first reason I got this was because Katy Perry was the one who did a commercial for the product and I LOVE Katy! Plus the packaging is so cute, I’m literally obsessed with pink anything. So both products have a good decent amount of product for the price, I got them both at Wal*Mart.

After I used the product I have to say I was a little disappointed on the concealer I definitely love the Maybelline Fit Me concealer way better. It’s okay but I was expecting a little more. For the foundation I liked that it was super easy to blend, and looks super natural and non cakey finish. I did got the foundation a little lighter than my skin but nothing with a bronzer can’t fix.

Hope you enjoyed and stay tune for more posts. By the way let me know what you’ll like to see πŸ™‚
xoxo -Didi


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