What to give on the first month ideas ! Pt. 1

Hey ! πŸ™‚
Hope you guys had a wonderful, and long weekend. It was great to have another day off specially from school, lol. Well I’ve been looking around Google, and Pinterest on what can I give my boyfriend for Valentine’s day plus a few days before we’ll be celebrating our first month together. ❀
I know for our first month-versary I didn’t want to get something so big and overwhelming since it’s our first month and I wanted to DIY it myself. I still have a couple of weeks and I’m still not sure what to get him…and I feel there’s not a lot of ideas specially for a month. If your having a hard time on what to get your boyfriend I came up with a few ideas. Plus I’ll add some Valentine ideas. Hope you enjoy !

Open When Letters

I keep running to this on Pinterest. I love the idea specially if your in a long-distance relationship or can’t see each other often. You can Google topics or create them yourself. I also like that you can decorate the envelopes and get all creative with this. I might give this to my boyfriend in the future in one of our month-versary.


Chocolates, Cupcakes, etc.

I thought this was cute. Plus nothing big, but gives the idea you care and are happy to be with that person. I like small unexpected details. If you make the cookies, cupcakes, etc. I think its even better but if not you can always order them at a bakery.


Scavenger Hunt

There aren’t any rules or right way to do this. It seems like it could be something fun to do and you can also get creative with this.



If your not a crafty person, don’t have time, or just don’t want to give something for the first month you can also go to a nice dinner. It will be nice to spend time together, maybe watch a movie, and just celebrate your first month together.

I guess for the first month it doesn’t matter just something that comes to the heart, and spend time together πŸ™‚


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