What to Give on the First Month PT.2 <3

Hello, good Tuesday to everyone !
Today I bring you the second part of What to give for the first month, I decided to do this since I’m having a hard time deciding what to give my boyfriend I thought some of you are going through the same problem. Plus Valentine’s day is almost here, so it might even work out for that special day.


Favorite Candy with fun message

I’ve seen these all around Pinterest or Youtube, that is a certain candy and you add a fun little note. I mean it’s the first month, and you can get him his favorite candy and a note just to let him know you like him in you live.


Basket full of goodies

I love this idea, I think its fun and anyone would love it. Its a basket full of goodies, candies, chocolates, and you can even add their favorite movie, a t-shirt, etc. Just have fun and add anything they like or you thought they might like.


Picture frame

I thought this was a good idea to give on the first month and you can put several pictures like when you guys were friends, and now that your going out. I don’t know maybe a little timeline to remember how it all started. Or simply just one picture it can be your guys favorite picture or his favorite picture together.


Baseball Bracelet

About any guy likes sports, so this is a cute way to show you care and know what he likes. If he doesn’t like baseball or plays some other sport you can give him something that represents the sport. In Pinterest there’s the pictorial that you can follow on how to get this bracelet.



You can simply take him somewhere he’s been wanting to go and give him a simple letter telling him how you feel and that you are thankful for him. It’s a simple idea but nice too.

I really hope you guys liked this little help. Pinterest has really saved me and gave me ideas. After two weeks of looking around I finally know what I’ll give my boyfriend for our first month and valentine’s day. Since it’s our first month I’ll give him a letter(example below)Β and the baseball matching bracelets. He is actually a baseball player so I thought it would be nice. And for valentine’s day I’ll be making him cupcakes and decorating it like baseball balls and a picture frame with one of our pictures.

If you have any more ideas please comment down below. Thanks

xoxo, Didi



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