Tips Tuesday :)

Hello loves,
Hope your having a great I want to start and blog more, and incorporate different and fun things to my blog. Just hope with school and everything I have an opportunity to upload more often which I’ll try my best.

Since today is Tuesday I decided to do this new segment to my blog called #TipTuesday. Which is when I give you differente tips and tricks, it’s just an idea to post different things each time and not same things over and over. I’m working on Valentine’s day outfit ideas so stay tune to that 🙂

TIP #1 


Ever hate that when you paint your nails and you forget or whatever and they smudge and get ugly. Well I found this on Pinterest, and have tried it before, you get a bowl of cold water (you can add ice) and put your hands in for a couple of minutes and when you take them out they are completely dry and don’t have to worry if they are still wet.

TIP #2


I have read that as your face you take care of, you also need to take care of your eyelashes. I’ve never though of that, and started to and already seen results. I add vitamin E oil every night, this helps to make them stronger, thicker, and helps them grow. It’s really good for your eyelashes.

TIP #3


These right here are what is really helping my hair. The yellow one is argon oil, and the clear one is a split remedy. They are both from Avon and super affordable, I’ve been using it for a month and it has helped my hair and I’ve hear argon oil is great for you hair too. I so recommend it if your looking for oils or new products for you hair.

Stay tune for more #TipsTuesday next week 🙂
xoxo, Didi


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