Who woreit best?

Hello, yes another post just because πŸ™‚
Today I’m continuing with the ‘Who wore it best”, which I haven’t done in a while so lets get started…

*If your new to my blog, I get pictures from Google where two celebrities wear the same outfit or similar and give my opinion on who wore it best.


Christina Aguilera VS. Kristen Stewar
I don’t know about you but in my opinion Kristen looks awkward, like she’s not comfortable in the dress while Christina looks like she’s having a blast. I just think it would of looked better if she wore closed toe heels. I just love how the dress hugs her body and flatters her.

JLo VS Iggy Azeala
Hands down I have to say I think Jennifer looks stunning as always. They both have great bodies, just that I don’t know Iggy’s dress would of looked better without the lace. And maybe something with her hair up. I love everything about JLo’s look ❀

Demi Lovato VS. Taylor Swift
You can seriously tell this is an old photo, but you can see who wore it best. Its not identical but similar, and I think it fits more with one’s style…which is Demi. Demi always has that rocker kind of vibe, and Taylor more of a sweet girl but changed it recently. I don’t know I think Taylor could of picked a better dress.

Adrienne Bailon VS.Selena Gomez VS. Ashely Tisdale
The Disney Channel triplets lol…If I’m honest I don’t like this dressbut I feel it fits Adrienne’s body more. It looks more fitted while the other two seem like they are wearing an over sized shirt.

Hope you enjoyed, stay tune for more…
xoxo, Didi


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