Love is in the air !

Hello, lovely people πŸ™‚
Hope your having a wonderful and blessed Thursday almost the weekend, whoo hoo !

As we all know and seen everywhere it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and whether your in a relationship or not I believe it should be celebrated. It’s a day to celebrate love, and not only love for boy/girlfriend relationship, wife/husband…it’s also the love for your family and friends. When I was younger I saw it as it was terrible to not have a boyfriend for Valentine’s day, as I grew that didn’t matter as long as I had my family and my bff with me.

So I recently posted some first month/valentine’s day gifts if you were in a relationship but I thought of doing something for the ones who aren’t in one, to not feel left out of the love.

Idea #1


You can get a bunch f your friends who don’t have dates or are in a relationship and go out to eat or go the movies. It can just be another regular day for you guys or if you still want to do something and not stay in on Valentine’s day.

Idea #2


Or just get some of your girlfriends and go shopping and get pampered. Since it’s a day of love, the first person you have to love is you! Maybe get your hair, nails done and maybe a facial anything that makes you happy πŸ™‚ Even maybe have a sleepover, watch movies, go to eat, etc.

Idea #3


You can also organize a small get together for you family and close friends, and since it’s on Saturday this year I think it’s perfect.

Anything you do will be great, just because February 14 is the national day of love doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it every day. Love should be celebrate everyday and let the people you love that you care for them and you appreciate having them in your life.

Have a blessed weekend and great Valentine’s Day, Best Wishes to all !

xoxo, Didi


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