About me | Random Post

Good morning!
It’s Monday morning, wishing it was Saturday morning..lol!
Hope you had a great weekend, and I just want to start of by saying thanks for the support I’ve been seeing on my Blog. I try and check when I have new followers and follow back so if I haven’t followed you let me know in the comments:)

I’ve noticed new followers, so I decided to do random facts about me, so you new followers can get to know me plus my older followers know new stuff about me..so let’s get started.


1. When I was small I wanted to be a singer/ actress and do little shows to my dad.
2. I moved to Arizona 5 years ago.
3. I’m addictedΒ to chocolate.
4.I’m a family’s girl, very family orientated.
5. I’m Mexican-American.
6. Obsessed with makeup, clothes, accessories, etc.
7. I haven’t broke any bone in my body.
8. My major is Business Administration. (Almost done with college)
9. My favorite character from Pretty Little Liars is Hanna.
10. I have a crush on Channing Tatum and Liam Hemsworth ❀

Hope you enjoyed and it wasn’t too boring.
xoxo, Didi

p.s. follow me on Instagram: beautytime101dc


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