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Hello, hello !
I think I need to find a new way to start my posts..something less boring lol
Any ways today I’ll show you my February Favorites, which there isn’t a lot of items but hope you enjoy.


11038103_808687205853803_3542729712794467840_nThis is part of my everyday skin care routine, I do use other products but this is what I’ve been loving. All products are from Mary Kay, and the left one is an eye makeup remover. I love this one because it’s  gentle with your eyes, and doesn’t damage your eyelashes plus it’s not greasy or too oily.
The middle product is the Time Wise cleanser, which I use with the next item which is a brush that does circular motion and gets everything that has been laying on your face all day long leaving it fresh.


This is also an Mary Kay product, its an metal roll-on like a dark spot corrector. I love this and instantly seen results the first few days I tried it. I haven’t used other under eye products so I can’t really compare but this is good. I believe it was $40 and I’ve been having it for three months and still have product so I think it’s worth it. After you apply it, it leaves a tingling feeling that makes you feel its all ready doing its job.


Next lippies, I love darks/bright colors for lips so for the past month I’ve been loving and using these. The first three are from Bissu, which I believe is an Mexican brand not sure though.

The last one is from Avon, which I think they are colors I use as transition colors going from Winter to Spring. The first one is kind of on the brighter side. The second one is a deep red, the third one a dark pink/purple. And the last one is like a pink/ violet color. Sorry I should of done an swatch, I’ll probably do that and insert it once I get home.

10411063_808687375853786_1186559161447887865_nThis is one of the two foundations I bought recently. And I have to say I was impressed by it. I love the feeling..it really makes it look natural and not cakey which is really important. I actually did an review/item to try if you want to check that out here. I really have only great things to say. The only problem was that I didn’t really check the color and it is like one or two shades lighter for my skin. I only use it on days that are like no make makeup looks.


This is the Rimmel London, Lash Accelerator, another product I could only say great things about. I love the formula, the wand, everything. I have also seen improvement with my lashes. Which has me all happy because they are actually getting longer. I also did an review/item to try for this check it out here.

11021112_808687465853777_1651374663169828820_nThese two items are actually items I bought last week, so I didn’t really used them the whole month but I already love them. The first item is a foundation by Meybelline the Fit Me Matte + Poreless version and a Rimmel London eye liner.
I loved this foundation, I think it fits me perfect..I love how it feels and its super easy to blend. The eyeliner I got it because I wanted a nude liner because it make you eye look bigger and brighter. And I already have big eyes but it does make a difference. Stay tune for a Item to try on these items and more info.

This is one out of two items that aren’t beauty items but fit in the beauty category, this is a wet brush. I believe it’s from Marshalls, and I love this brush its so gentle for brushing wet hair because if you didn’t know when you hair its wet/damp its very fragile so a brush like this is not that harsh. Plus it does get the knots and everything out. It wasn’t expensive actually like $5 at the most.

11045312_808687315853792_7535945202722586874_nThe last items on my favorites are these two watches that I got for my birthday. I love Olaf anf Disney if you haven’t noticed lol, so my sisters gave my this Olaf watch which I love with all my heart. The blue Michael Kors watch was a gift from my boyfriend also for my birthday. We weren’t going out at the time and I was surprised he knew me so well and knew what to get me. I actually wear one or the other.

Thanks , DIdi


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