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Hello, here’s the second post that I mentioned earlier if you read my mini rue21 haul I uploaded earlier. I decided to do two post today since I don’t know if I’ll be able to post tomorrow.
Plus I’m super excited for this one, squeals*
(This was meant to be posted on Friday, but I guess I didn’t publish it and left it as an draft..oops !)

So if you didn’t know it’s been like last year summer time I believe E.L.F came out with Disney makeup collections with different Disney Princesses. And best of all in incredible affordable prices!

I recently got some of what is the Queen Elsa makeup collection. I got the makeup book and a cheek palette. Let’s check it out..


The makeup book was $12.99 which is the most expensive piece out of the collection. And the cheek palette is $6.99. (Only available at Walgreens stores or online)



1662506_809581472431043_7049492766119259906_nThis is what you see when you first open the ‘book’, it gives you two different makeup looks you can do ‘Elsa the Princess’ or ‘Elsa the Snow Queen’. This is on the left side, and gives you in details where each product goes. So this would be great for beginners and people who are starting with makeup.

10444770_809581565764367_8051380098030305495_nOn the right side of the makeup book is where the makeup actually is. It comes with 8 different eye shadows, one bronzer/highlighter, two eye pencils one shimmer and the other one is regular, one hot pink lip gloss, and a flat eye shadow brush. Which in my opinion is good amount of products for the price that it is. This is my second makeup book I also have the Ariel one (check that out here) but I really love the colors of these eye shadow. Plus the names of the eye shadows are so cute. 11056566_809581625764361_4855612313764863280_n

The second item I got as I mentioned was a cheek palette. It comes with a bronzer, blush, and highlight. I haven’t used any of this, so I can’t say the quality of it. But I have used E.L.F products before and I have never been disappointed. The colors look very pretty and something you see in Elsa’s face. Very natural too, they’re not harsh colors. Sorry if the lighting is bad and you can’t see it’s true color. I might do a look with these products, like if you would like for me to do one πŸ™‚ I don’t know but I get so excited when I see Disney makeup collections. Hopefully they come out with one on Cinderella. Or of every Disney character that would be even better.
Are you a Disney freak like me? If you are comment you favorite movie or character,
So we can be freaks together lol.11037641_809581415764382_2991732190741503956_n
Hope you enjoyed this and chec out Walgreens for
This or other Disney makeup collections πŸ™‚
xoxo, Didi


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