Meeting the in-laws OOTD| beautytime101

Happy Saturday, hope you having a great start of your weekend.
Have you ever had a very hard time planning on what to wear for a special/important day?
Well today I’ll give you a little help 🙂

Since today is an important day, well today I get to meet the in-laws and my boyfriend’s family.
I say its important because I feel that’s when the relationship is more official.
Am I nervous? yes..
Am I ready? no..

But I think if you feel good and confidant with what your wearing you’ll feel much better.


  • Don’t wear something you don’t feel comfortable in
  • Don’t wear something you feel your not yourself
  • Don’t exaggerate…be yourself
  • Depending on the event or what you’ll be doing base your out fit on that


  • Wear what you feel/makes you happy
  • Take a look at you closet and possible outfits before hitting the stores

As I said I’ll be meeting my boyfriend’s parents and family for the first time, I do know some of his sisters and brothers..but this time is as his girlfriend so makes me very nervous.
Where he lives is like a ranch and is usually a bit more colder than where I live.
I want to feel pretty, girly, presentable, but at the same time comfortable…so this is what I came up with.



Shirt: rue21
Jacket: rue21
Bottoms: Factory 2U Leggings
Boots: rue21
Necklace: Walmart

If you happen to go through this moment as me, don’t worry it’ll be okay. In any moment I think it’s best to be you, than being something your not just to make some one like you.

Best of luck !
xoxo, Didi ❤


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