Item to try | beautytime101

Hi guys, good morning!
Today I have an Item to try, if your new to my blog or haven’t seen my posts of Item’s to try. I basically pick a product that I recommend to talk about.
I picked Wet n’ Wild Coloricon Bronzer in Bilkin Contest.

300It can be hard to find great products at the drugstore sometimes, specially a good bronzer. It can be hard because some bronzers come with shimmer or it might not be a good quality. But this is a matte bronzer and in my opinion would look great for all different skin types.
I got this at the General Dollar store and the one in my city is closing so all makeup products were 50% off so I got this big bronzer for $2 I believe regular price is like $4 so it’s still not bad.

It’s kind of like a dark brown Β with kind of orange undertone but it’s beautiful and you can apply it all over you face. I do recommend if you want to get a new/ good drugstore bronzer.

What’s you favorite drugstore bronzer?
xoxo, Didi ❀



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