Monday/ Mornings Tips | beautytime101

Hello beauties !
Hope you had a great weekend, and I’m getting on schedule and figuring out what to post next. I know I didn’t post a lot last week, with school and everything it has been getting a little crazy.

Today I decided to do a post on how to make you Monday’s better. Since I’m not a morning or Monday person and I bet there’s a few out there, maybe my tips or tricks help you out.


1. Start to get you day ready on the previous day


I know me, and I get super lazy on Monday mornings and just have a harder time deciding on what to wear for school. So I usually decide what to wear on Sunday night and my bag or anything I might take ready so I have one less thing to worry about. It also takes me less time to get ready in the morning.

2. Pick out a comfy outfit/Hair



For Mondays I usually pick something very comfortable, easy, and casual for school. I like to wear leggings and a loose shirt. Depending of course on the weather but always comfy on Mondays that makes it a bit better. For hair I usually take my hair up all week anyways but on Mondays nobody has time for the hair. I normally do a bun or a high pony tail, the idea is to get all the hair out of the face and look a bit awake and put together even though you didn’t do much.

3. Minimal Makeup

imagesP97HFJINI’m a type of person that I have to at lease have concealer or something to cover up my blemishes and I can be fine. On Mondays is when I do the no makeup makeup look or just wear something to make my face look a little awake and not half asleep. If your comfortable going with completely no makeup you should try it and at least have a day when you give your face a break from all the products you usually wear.

4. Good Breakfast/Coffee


Having a good breakfast helps me during the day and makes me have more energy. Also a good coffee works to help me stay awake.

More tips…

*while getting ready put your favorite songs
*start your day by saying “today will be a great day”
*Make a to do list
*read motivational quotes

Hope this helps you a bit if your not a morning/ Monday person
Didi ❤


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