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Hello !

Hope you all are doing great, I feel sad for not being able to post often like I did a couple of weeks back when I uploaded daily. School is getting tougher, the semester is almost over and I can feel it ! But with that I am excited because I am almost graduating 🙂

Any who, today I bring you a beauty guru of the month.
If your new to my blog or haven’t seen this post of mine, it’s just as the title says it. I pick each month a new beauty guru from youtube that I recommend to you all.

This month is Jaaackjack



Jackie Perdue or known as jaaackjack on youtube is one dedicated and creative girl on youtube. When you see her videos you know she takes her time and is really creative. ‘Her channel began when she first started playing around with makeup. What started as a way to document her progress, turned into a full blown lifestyle channel. Young women turn to JaaackJack to find the latest makeup and fashion trends. On her channel you’ll find her style series called Style Jaaack’d, her health and fitness series called #FitWithJack, as well as monthly favorites, product reviews, hair tutorials and overall positivity.’ (from her Blog)

Check her out, if you want to see fun videos or just to meet another youtuber 🙂

Here’s last months Beauty Guru: Promise Phan

Ps. Comment your favorite beauty guru 🙂

xoxo Didi ❤

youtube: jaaackjack


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