Furious 7- Movie Review | beautytime101

Hello !
Hope your having a great week/day. And I wish you all had a great spring break.

I’ve been absent for a few days due to school, homework, my boyfriend leaving 453.6 miles away (like 7 hrs), spring break..and normal life duties.
So hopefully I can come back with more fun posts for you guys.
And I want to take the time and say thank you for the new people who liked my blog, I now have 60. It surprises me since I never thought I would so many people liking what I post.

Any who since I didn’t have any thing planned for today’s post I decided to do another movie review. I don’t know about you guys but I love to watch movies. I can spend all day watching them and not get bored.

Today’s review will be Furious 7
I know you’ve seen it everywhere facebook, twitter, instagram, tv, etc. about the new movie to the Fast and Furious saga. I think it was one of the most anticipating movies of the year since they are quite popular and after Paul Walker’s death.

untitledimagesI know some people might be annoyed by all, but I honestly love all the F&F movies. Since the first I’ve seen all of them, made long lines at the theaters, waited excited for them to come out. Paul Walker’s passing away was a heart breaking news for me since I had a huge crush on him.
I honestly love it ! It had what every F&F had humor, action, love, suspense, and a really unexpected ending. I had an idea what was going to happen but it wasn’t even like that and was even better. I won’t say what happens so I don’t spoil it for anyone but I loved it.Β And if you liked any F&F movie you’ll like this one.

I give it a 10/10

Do you like the F&F saga?
Which one is your favorite ?

xoxo, Didi

p.s. expect beauty posts soon :*


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