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Hello !
After a while, I’m back with a new post. I hope you all are having a great day.

Today’s pot is about four different Pinterest finds, found two food ideas and two fashion.

1. Easy Cake Pops

3e7135304082f557d107316a1bfe4548Who doesn’t like cake, or sweet treats. I found this while I was on Pinterest today. An easy way to make cake pops, maybe you have an last minute get together and you don’t know what to take, try this ! It has easy instructions and pictures to follow.

2. Super hero drinks

a926ef01de41b19f68cb36399932e39eI honestly thought this was cute, and awesome. What little kid won’t like this? Specially if it’s from they’re favorite super hero. I think this is an creative thing to do for a boy’s birthday party. Or just to try something new, specially for these hot summer  days that are almost here!

4b92681a8a3db6ee25d224331c0b45ad3. Flower Crowns

I had to re-pin this ! Isn’t cute ?
This is great for spring-summer, specially is you have a party, attending a festival, going to the beach, if your getting married during this season, etc. I think it gives a great touch to a simple outfit. You can change the flowers, theme, color scheme, to your liking of course. Plus you can practically get all the material needed at the doller store which is a plus 🙂

4. How to wear necklaces

a43e22399093cb4b585ef38631eb93aaThis is the final Pinterest find. Many of us are clueless at times to which necklace fits our shirts/dresses. I found this helpful pin, which has pictures showing us what type of shirt/top fits what type of necklaces. No more having to stress over that anymore. You can save it on you phone and when you go shopping you’ll know what to get for your outfits.

xoxo, Didi ❤

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