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Happy Friday Eve to everyone!

Hope everyone’s having an awesome day, and well here’s another non-beauty post. I like to change it up a bit and bring something different every time.

Another movie review it is ! I love to watch movies, so many one who loves to watch movies I previously did the Furious 7 review, if you want to check that out also.

The Longest Ride is another Nicolas Sparks book that gets made into a movie. I read the book last year and did a review if you want to see that I’ll leave it here.
I absolutely loved the book, it was beautiful and that had me all excited waiting for the movie. Sometimes when you read the book then watch the movie your disappointed but in this it was almost exactly alike and I loved it.

If you love, love stories like I do, and Nicolas Sparks movies/books you’ll love this one.


imagesVIS13HK2Β Β  the-longest-ride-scott-eastwood-02-636-380
Rate: 10/10

I recently went to watch The Avengers the past weekend so hopefully I can have that review up asap.

The story is obviously a love story but, guys can watch it too. It’s not too girly that they’ll want to leave it’s nice for both girls and guys to watch. There is a sexual scene but nothing too bad it’s like pg-13 anyways. I don’t want to say too much so I don’t ruin it for the people who hasn’t watched it. But its two love stories that turns into one, almost like the Notebook.

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xoxx, Didi ❀


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