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Good nite ! Or Morning, where ever you are, and whatever day it is or whenever you read this. I just want you wish you the best day ever! Happy Friday almost Saturday ❤
Right now its currently 10:18 on a Friday night and I have here a few of current new makeup itmes to my collection. If you want to know more about a specific item, comment and I’ll sure do a review 🙂




Milani- Face Powder


ELF- Blush

11011747_840320896023767_2764678605046598053_n 11138591_840320929357097_7415128550574900407_n

ELF- BB Cream

                                  11200597_840320802690443_3322091850108919217_n 11205972_840320852690438_3038498787112092102_n



L’OREAL- Lipstick


Hard Candy- Shimmer Shadow Primer


Covergirl- Outlast Lipstains

xoxo, Didi


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