FLOWER Lipstick Item to Try/Review| beautytime101

Gooooood Morning ! 🙂
Happy Wednesday, hope your having a great week and that today will be one of the best days of your life. Today’s post is another item to try.


I got this lipstick a few weeks ago, like three. And I’ve used it about four times, and I decided to do a Item to try/ review.
What got my attentions is the packaging, it’s different from any other drugstore lipsticks tubes you’ve seen. I thought it was cute, with the gold details.


Another thing that got my attention was the color of the lipstick. I adore bright lipsticks, my eyes always go to them. I like to wear them from spring/summer and I thought this will be a perfect shade.

11222020_841898282532695_8399075318746321831_n 11258000_841898532532670_5524520607238453517_n

  • Pros: It’s a pretty color. Pretty good amount of pigmentation.
  • Cons: A bit drying for my liking. You need to have really smooth lips or else you will get that dry cracking lips look.

Overall I expected a little more, it’s not one of my favorite lipsticks. I loved the color but I thinks there’s better ones in my opinion, but it’s still good to have in a makeup collection.


xoxo, Didi ❤


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