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Hello, Happy Saturday!

Today’s post is another Disney/theme park post. I think I did one last year when I first started my blog, I’ll link it here, if I find it. I recently found out I’ll be going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks to celebrate the 60th anniversary, which has me all excited since little I have been a fan, and to be able to attend while the 60th anniversary.


Well I decided to show you what makeup I would wear. I’m thinking of making a little series and show you the outfit, what I’ll be taking, etc. Plus I’m out of school so I have some free time before my summer class starts.


Pretty much this is the makeup I am mostly sure going to wear, only because it’s my everyday makeup routine. Maybe a few changes in the shadow, lipstick, but other than that it will pretty much stay the same.


FACE:Β I chose a BB cream over a foundation for this day since I want something natural and not very over done since it’s a day at the theme park. I want something simple but still look nice for that day, I also forgot to include my concealer, you can always just wear some concealer and powder for that natural effect. Whenever I wear BB creams/foundations I put some powder on just to mattify the look. I’ll also wear a little bit of blush and bronzer so my face doesn’t look so flat.


EYES:Β I always have to do my eyelashes when I do my makeup and I’ll be using two. I always use two that helps with the volume and another one that helps with the length. I also always use a nude liner for my water line I feel it opens and brightens my eyes and makes ,my makeup different. I have a brown pencil and a black marker liner. I feel the brown will do since I’m going for that fresh/natural look but I decided to put both maybe a simple cat eye look will do. *Make sure you wear a waterproof one so it doesn’t come off with the humid, water, sweat.


EYES & LIPS:Β For shadow something simple like I said and this is a cream shadow which will last a pretty long time. And a bright lip color is always a must in my look. Seriously my friends/family know me I can wear simple eye makeup but always bright/ colorful lipstick on my face.

Well this is it for today, hopefully tomorrow I can upload outfit ideas, or what I;ll be wearing. I also what to do inspired nails so keep an eye out for that πŸ™‚

xoxo, Didi ❀


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