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Happy Sunday, hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend.
Well as promised here’s another post, and yees it’s another Disney post. I think I’ll two more, one that shows what I’ll be taking or give you an idea what to take if you haven’t gone to a theme park. And I want to do a nail art inspiration for the 60th anniversary. This is not sponsored or anything, I love Disney and fashion/makeup so I combined the two. Hop you enjoy and find helpful.


Disney hats are kind of a must to ave while you visit Disneyland. If you haven’t gone once you go in, almost everyone has some sort of hat, ears, etc. And there’s several different ones at the stores. You can check out Wal-mart or any store that you may know sells your favorite Disney character hats. I got my Olaf hat at Wal-Mart. The other two were purchased at the Disneyland Resort.


Outfit 1:

This is a comfy outfit idea I came out with all items that were in my closet already. The outfit was inspired by the pink Minnie ears. I suggest something comfy, flowy, and that won’t hurt your feet from all the walking. Leggings are a great idea, I might take that, and a cute shirt will make you look put together, and not like you got out of bed. A side bad or a backpack is great to take so you have free hands and enjoy it better really.


17108_843737945682062_5647342074200338261_n        10999900_843737915682065_6626866046285017667_n

Shirt: rue21
Leggings: Wal-mart
Shoes: Coach
Bag: Coach
Ears: Disneyland Resort


Outfit #2:

You can always rock your favorite character t-shirt at the ‘happiest place on Earth’. California is a bit more fresh and at times cooler, and where I live but it does have it’s some what hot days. You can always check the weather to know and plan your outfit. Some cute shorts that are comfy, and a character t-shirt will do. I actually wore this Minnie shirt last year for Disney. It’s a simple outfit but cute at the same time. Pair it with a cute Minnie hat to complete the look, plus it will protect you from the sun.

10383010_843738042348719_5654841389415538939_n    11165247_843738005682056_3169409431083308124_n

Shirt: factory 2-u
Shorts: Monaco (local store)
Hat: Disneyland Resort


It does get pretty chilly at night if not all day, depending what time of the year you go. But always take at least something to protect you from the cold. I got these super cue sweaters from rue 21, I believe Wet Seal has some adorable ones too.

I still haven’t figured out my outfit, but I’ll post it up once I know,
xoxo, Didi


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