Disney OOTD |beautytime101

Hello ! It seems like forever since I haven’t done a post.
I know I did one yesterday but I had that one ready since last week so its different. Anyways hope your having an amazing Tuesday πŸ™‚

Today’s post is another Disney post but the last one of my mini series I did. I want to do an Disney Trip experience but that will be after I come back hopefully I can upload videos and pictures for you guys. I’m really excited if you can tell lol, I feel like a big girl..and in only four days I’ll be leaving.


Shirt: (Local Store) Shorts: Wal*Mart Shoes: Coach Necklace: Wal*Mart Watch: Factory-2U Earrings: (Borrowed from sister)

My outfit is simple, and comfy for a long day of fun. This year my group of people is six including me so we decided to go to a fabric store and have them make shirts for us. And we got Minnie’s face outline with May 2015 and on the back with our names. Its a cute idea to do if your going in a group.

10494521_847270558662134_7290072069480752298_nΒ  Β  Β 20911_847270501995473_2184589106402799469_nΒ  Β  Β  Β Β 1517488_847270528662137_1913357937306980322_n (1)


Take care xoxo, Didi ❀


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