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Hello! Here’s another quick post on what I’ll be taking while I’m at Disneyland. I’ve gone several times now, so hopefully my tips help you whether you’re also going to Disney or other theme park.

This is pretty much what I’ll be taking I’ll maybe add some bottles of water, granola bars, and some kind of snacks that you can eat while you’re in line. Plus it will save some money if you bring that from home, and you can also take food, or ice coolers if you wish or leave the park to somewhere else.


This is the backpack I’ll be taking. I suggest taking a small to medium backpack to take and put all the things you need. Or a side body bag will work also, try and have more than one backpack if you’re going in a group or with family it’s not that heavy. Or take turns carrying the bags.
This year we’re taking two backpacks, one with snacks, waters, sweaters, and one with things we need like what I’m about to show you.


My backpack is a black Coach backpack my mom actually bought it for me for this past year of school. We got it at Marshals and at a decent price.
It’s a medium bag and all my necessities fitted. And there was room for my sweater which I like so I don’t have to carry it or have it on if I feel a little hot. ( I got a random sweater but I’m actually taking my Frozen sweater) I’m also thinking of taking pair of black leggings, because I’m thinking about taking shorts and just if it gets a bit chilly plus leggings are thin and don’t take a lot of space.


Inside I gathered things I know I will need throughout the day like lotion, sunscreen, perfume, toothbrush and case, contact and sunglasses case, and wallet. I will be leaving around 2am so we can arrive before they open the park like 7 am, so I also need to take my makeup. I practically taking the makeup products that were in my previous post Disney/theme park makeup idea and trying to not take a lot of products specially to keep the look simple and not overdone.

Some tips:

  • Before packing make a list of things you’ll really need.
  • Try and take hand sanitizer just in case you can’t wash your hands or want to take a quick snack in line.
  • Try and take smaller sized things like a mini lotion, wallet, perfume, etc. so it will take less space.
  • Take some bottles of water and snacks (granola bars, nuts, gum, cookies, etc.) if you get hungry while waiting in line plus it will save you some money.
    • You can take ice coolers and food inside the park!
  • Try and go to gift shops/stores when you’re leaving the parks or right when you arrive so you don’t miss out on shows and other activities of the park.

Hope you find this helpful weather you are going to Disneyland parks, or any theme park I think it’s helpful to know things like this. Just investigate about taking food because that might change in different parks.

Have a wonderful weekend, and let me know which is you favorite theme park? J

Ps. After this Disney post I’ll have an my OOTD and once I get back I’ll let you know about my trip.

Xoxo, Didi


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