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Hello, welcome back to my blog ! Hope you are having a wonderful day, today I have something different, I’ll show you my hair routine/products.

11377375_848951648494025_4182599348743192851_nThese are the products I use, Yeees all of them! It might seem like a lot, but I recently went from a caramel/natural brown to a beige blonde so when you dye your hair specially blonde you need to change shampoo and use products to take care of it.11390096_848951748494015_4347583152133558953_n

So my stylist told me know that I have blonde hair I should take care of it more so the color will last longer also. And I went to Wal*Mart and first I was confused because it’s my second time I dye my hair and I haven’t bought a special shampoo for dyed hair so I got the L’OREAL Ever Pure for blonde hair (right), and I used it for a week and it is pretty good I liked it. Then I was watching Dluce Candy’s video on youtube and she recently went blonde too and she showed the Shimmer Lights shampoo (left) and that it was great for brightening the blonde and conditioning it. So I went to Sally’s and bought it it was around $8 the L’OREAL was about $6. I don’t wash my hair everyday since it’s better to skip days or not wash it everyday. I wash it every other day and use the purple shampoo like once a week and the L’OREAL the other days when I do wash it.


I also bought treatments for my hair. I first bought the L’OREAL(right) because at first my hair felt brassy and a bit dry so I wanted something to make smooth and healthy again. This was about $6 also. It’s a mask that you only leave for 60 seconds so it’s great even when your in a hurry. Then I bought the Roux (left) leave-in treatment spray. It’s a treatment for technically hair that gives it shine it also smells really good.


I’ve been using these treatments for some months now and they are great. The blue one is Argan oil which is really great for your hair. And the grey one is just a repairer for damage or split ends. I like both and so see a difference in my hair when I use it. I usually use these the next day when I don’t wash my hair so I have something in it and taking care. You can find them at Avon, and I don’t really know the price exactly.


When I don’t wash my hair or when I use heat tools this is what I use. I use the Tres’emme dry shampoo and the L’OREAL heat protector. I got both at Wal*Mart, and I want o try more dry shampoos specially since this one does leave your hair a bit white if you don’t rub it in good, if you know a really good one that you recommend please comment it πŸ™‚
The heat protector I just bought it I used the Tres’emme one also before and is really great.


December 2013 (virgin hair)


December 2014 (Caramel Ombre’)


May 2015 (Beige Blonde Ombre’)


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