Lauren Conrad Cinderella Collection|beautytime101

Hey Wednesday, today I bring you a short simple post showing you two pieces of the Cinderella Collection from Lauren Conrad that is in Khols. It is a past collection but you might find some pieces in the clarence area, and right now they have the Minnie Mouse collection going on.

I got two because that’s all I could find but I think the two I got I can wear every day and will get good use out of it.

images (1)

This is a very cute white sweater with the blue slipper. I loved it and it’s adorable and light weight. The original price was around $40, but I got it on sale for $19.



I also found this t-shirt with Cinderella on it, I thought it was so cute. It’s original price can’t remember but I got it for $8.

If you can check out your Khols and see if you can find Cinderella pieces and at a lower price I’m thinking of doing that with the Minnie Collection.

Have a great day, xooxox Didi


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