Quick Random Post | beautytime101

Hello everyone !
I have not forgotten to post, just that I’ve been waiting for that moment of inspiration to hit me. So it did a few days ago and yesterday my sister and I filmed a makeup video. It surprisingly came out pretty good, I had fun making it and I think it turned out showing the real me. So I edited it right when we got done, and I had a few problems so I started to edit again today and I finally got it done and saved. Problem now I can’t upload it to wordpress, BUMMER ! 😦 I really wanted to share it with you guys but I guess that didn’t work out.
My sister told me to upload it to youtube. I’m still thinking about it and if I do I’ll let you guys know s you can check it out since I made it for you guys from wordpress.
This is totally a random post but I still wanted to post something since Β I haven’t done it in a while.
So anyways I found some cute summer inspiring pictures on Pinterest and thought I could share some. Happy Weekend !




bd2e61227b2e3b941155e0ba878a0c54xoxo, Didi ❀


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