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Hello loves!
I really hope you are having a great Wednesday. I am really excited about today’s post…as you may have read on the title it’s a Haul, but it’s the smallest haul ever because it’s only two items. From previous posts you may have already now I am a huge Disney fan, and I loveeeeee anything and everything involve with it. Since last year the brand of cosmetics, ELF launched a Disney makeup collection, it started with the Little Mermaid. The collection comes with different products similar to the collections Sephora sometimes has but much more affordable.

The collection is only available in Walgreens stores and online, and you might to be able to get previous collections. The collection started with Ariel as I mentioned, then Snow White, Jasmine, Good vs. Evil (Aurora & Maleficent), Elsa, and today I went to the store and I saw the Pocahontas, Mulan, and Belle collection. I almost cried of excitement, but for now I only got two items from two collections.


Ps. I have made reviews on the Ariel, Snow White, and Elsa makeup on previous posts, if you want to check that out.

DISCLAIMER* this is was my idea, and I was not paid to do this.

Dare to Dream palette $10

Dare to Dream palette $10

The first item is the Mulan makeup book. I fell in love with the palette, I think it’s so Mulan and I fell in love with the cover. The colors are so pretty and colorful perfect for this season. Plus I love these makeup collections even though it’s ELF the shadows have great pigment, and I love they’re products. I so recommend it specially for beginners in makeup since you are starting and you really don’t need to buy expensive makeup when you can get similar items at a lower price.

As you can see the book comes with 9 eyeshadows (Porcelain, Serenity, Typhoon, Honor, Tranquil, Jade, Blossom, Fortune, Destiny), it comes with a black eye liner pencil (Raven Haired Bun), 2 blushes (Dynasty Dahlia & Palace Puce), and a red lipstick (Mushu’s Flame) all for $10 I think it’s a reasonable price and affordable.


The second item is a lip balm from the Pocahontas collection. I haven’t tried it out yet it’s still in it’s packaging but I’m excited. It comes in the color Lavender and hopefully it has great pigmentation. Ever since I was little I use to watch Ariel and Pocahontas all the time and I’m a lipstick junkie that’s why I got this lipstick. They also have Ariel, Mulan, and Belle lip balms.

I hope you enjoyed this and I want to do a makeup inspired by the princesses and the palettes I have collected. So hopefully I can do that soon.

xoxo, Didi


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