JUNE Favorites| beautytime101

Hello beauties!
It’s been forever since I last did a favorites post, I don’t have many items but I still wanted to upload something. And a few months ago my inspiration wasn’t so goo, and now I feel like it hit me and I want to blog more.

So let’s get started !


Just 8 items this time for my June favorites, I feel most of the great items I love I got them a few days ago when it was still June but I haven’t used it a lot so I thought I should wait and have them for my July favorites instead.


First item from my favorites has to my my Polaroid camera…yeeep ! I love it, I recently got it a few weeks ago. I think it’s a get item for summer, to take quick cute pictures. Plus I think they are great for mini scrapbooks.


The next item is the Nikki Minaj Pink Friday mini perfume, I got this actually as a Christmas present and I have recently been loving it so much for summer. I love all her perfumes, they smell great.CAM04424
I have posted about this product the ELF Little Mermaid Makeup Book but I recently got back at it and I loveeeee it ! The colors are so summer-y and I don’t know but there’s this golden-bronze shadow that I like the most and have been using it on my crease.


These are the four beauty products that have become my favorites. (From left to right) ELF BB Cream, DABA Lash, Lite Bright Hard Candy Concealer, and Covergirl nail polish.
The DABA Lash is like a serum that helps with the eyelash growth and thickens it, I have used it for some months and have seen results, it’s priced for $150 but so worth it. The nail polish is a bright candy pink that I fell in love with and lasts for a pretty long time. The BB cream is perfect for summer and I have found that it has great natural coverage. The concealer is great for highlighting and covering dark under eye circles.


Last in my list are SHORTS! I have literally live in them, the weather has been super hot like in the 111′ and jeans don’t seem like a great idea. I’ve been mixing and matching with the shorts I have and helps a bit with the hot weather.

Hope you enjoy…and happy Friday.
xoxo, Didi


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