My Summer Essentials + TIPS |beautytime101

Hello beauties! Hope you’re having a wonderful day, today I have my summer-must haves, since we’re still in summer and I noticed I haven’t done one.

These are products or recent items I bought for the summer time. I did this seriously a couple of minutes ago, so I hope you guys enjoy this.


Summer time is where we get to take a break from school if you’re a student like me, or it’s the time when you take a vacation or do something fun. Summer time for me is a time when adventures can happen and do something different each year.


The first item I have used a lot in the summer is my Maybelline Fit Me foundation and the Elf BB Cream. I have been using both for some months now and alternating between both or at time I have used both, and I think they are super great for the summer. BB creams are a bit lighter for summer and for me I don’t feel like it will slip off my face when it’s really hot outside. And the Fit Me foundation has a matte finish which is great because I don’t have to add a powder and have a ton of layers on my face I just set my under eye.


For eyes I love mascara, waterproof is a must because you sweat and maybe have a pool party and you don’t want raccoon eyes! I been loving this one by Covergirl…it’s just a mascara that was cheap at the drug store and I gave it a try.
Also for eye shadow I like bronzy, gold colors for my lid/crease and lately I’ve been liking to add a shadow under my lash line to add something different and depending on my outfit I pick a shadow.


Lips are one of my favorites and I like bright colors for the summer. I been using bright pinks, nudes, oranges and sometimes even purples. Wet N’ Wild, and Covergirl have great variety of colors and affordable prices.


Colorful nail polishes are always on my mind when I think of summer. I love them, and I seriously want to have every color. These from Covergirl are mini nail polishes (they also have bigger versions) and they are adorable, and they’re size perfect to bring with you anywhere.


Perfumes or body sprays are must, and I love light flower scents just to go with the season plus there are tons of great scents.



I’ve been really into stacking bracelets recently, and I feel it’s like a summer vibe. I also love mid or regular rings. They add something else to an everyday look. I also got a head piece from Aeropostale which was on sale for $2 and I’ve been wanting one for some time and I said why not. This also gives more to your hair and gives it a boho touch



I’m in love with big bags and I just got a Coach bag (you can see it in the Back to School OOTD’s) while I was at my hometown, you can fit so much in a big bag especially when you’re on vacation. I also love small/medium side bags, just for on-the go and you can fit just the essentials.


Sunglasses are also a must, not only because it’s fashionable and have different cute styles, but also because they protect your eye from the sun. I seriously can’t go outside without my pair of sunglasses, the sun is so bright that I squint a lot if I don’t have them. I’ve seen super cute ones at Forever21 and Wet Seal.

*Talking about protecting from the sun, you also need sunscreen. As years go by we need to protect ourselves from the sunrays which are getting stronger each time. This is something I have to do more of, and some of the makeup have SPF in them already!



For summer I like to wear light flowy cloths especially because where I live gets really hot and humid and wearing lots of cloths or dark colors doesn’t help. So light colors, tank tops, dresses, flowy and comfy cloths are a must for me.


Also I don’t know why but I’ve noticed I’m more motivated to work out in the summer than any other season so workout clothes are also a must. Very thing to sport bras to the bright shoes I love lol!


For many of us an essential to summer are BIKINIS! Summer is about having fun, getting tanned, and spending lots of time in the water.  So bikinis are a must to have extra fun and there are so many cute ones that you can’t only have one pair.


Another thing I love about summer is sandals. I love to get them in every color, and styles. I have several pairs but you can’t have enough seriously.



For summer I don’t really use hot tools, but when I do is because I’m going to a party or just to change it up a bit so I alternate from the straightener and a big barrel curling iron for loose waves. And I always use a heat protector because nobody wants damaged hair plus now that I have blonde hair it gets more damages easily.

*Add braids to your hairstyle, I love braiding my hair during the summer plus it helps it grow.



Hope you enjoy, and keep having fun this summer!
xoxo, Didi


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