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Hello, hope you’re having a great day.
Today I have something different, I wanted to change it up a bit…so today I’ll tell you my top 10 favorite Beauty Guru’s from youtube. I did this when I first started my blog, but I decided to re-do it’s been a year and in a year your likings could change or find more youtubers.

Belinda Selene (Channel: Belinda Selene/Vlog: BelindasLife)

images (4)

Charis Lincoln (Channel: Charisma Star/ Vlog: CharismaLifeTV)


Megan Kroh (Channel: Ciaoobelllaxo/ Vlog: LaVitaDiMeg)

download (1)

Nicole Guerriero (Channel: Nguerierro19)

images (5)

Weylie (Channel: ilikeweylie/Vlog: WahlieTV)

download (2)

Promise Phan (Channels: Promise Phan & Dope2111)

download (3)

Kristen Leanne (Channel:Kristen Leanne)

DSC03146 editLRCropForBlog

Dulce Candy (Channel: dulcecandy87)

download (4)

Miranda Sings/Collin Ballinger (Channels: Miranda Sings/ Psychosoprano

download (5)

Lynette Cenee (Channel: Lynette Cenee)


xoxo, Didi


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