Disney Look- AURORA |beautytime101

Hello, happy Friday!

First of all can I say I feel disappointing because it’s been days without posting, but I don’t always have internet access, but here I am once again.
Today I have something exciting to show you, well for me it is and I hope you guys find it interesting or fun.
As you may know I love Disney and I also love fashion, so I decided to combine both! A while back when the Cinderella movie came out this year I did inspired outfits (check it out here).So I was sitting in my bedroom thinking about what to write next and I remembered when I did the Cinderella outfits, which was really fun to do and I thought why not do the rest of the Disney Princesses and other characters.
So I decided to do a princess or character one for each month just so I don’t bore you guys and bring you something different each time. I will love feedback and what you think plus comment who’s your favorite princess or character.

images (6)

While I was thinking about which princess do to next I looked around my closet and I sure didn’t want to spend money on new cloths just for the blog…so I looked and looked. And came up with Princess Aurora. The sweet, defenseless Aurora inspired me for this month’s Disney Look as I will call this series I’m starting.
I came up with three different outfits, all from my closet. I have a good amount of pink in my closet since that’s my favorite color but if you have seen the movie the fairies never agreed which color Aurora’s dress be. So I incorporated some blue too.
I decided to do the three stages from Aurora which is actually two the one where she doesn’t know she’s a princess and then when she goes to the castle. I had so much fun coming up with ,the outfits and finding what goes with Aurora. So I truly hope you enjoy and get inspired, Have a wonderful blessed day!




Dress: Ross
Necklaces: rue21
Shoes: rue21

download (6)DSC04660



Dress: Ross
Earrings & Bracelet: Payless
Shoes: Bella ( Local store)
Clutch: Pink 360 ( Local store)

download (7)DSC04675

*Dress is obviously lighter and I didn’t have a darker blue one but I thought it was prefect and sweet as Aurora.




Dress: rue21
Shoes: Target
Clutch: (hand-me-down from mom)
Earrings: rue21

xoxo, Didi ❤


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