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Heeeeeey, yes me again for today. I know I already did some blogging today but I wanted to do one more just to make it up from yesterday which I really wanted to post something but the school’s internet was acting up…
Anyways I am back in school which means, I can do a bit more blogging in my free time. Today I decided to do a Item to Try, which I haven’t done in a while. So grab a snack and read along πŸ™‚

untitledThis right here is the Hard Candy Lite Bright Concealer.
I have been using it for about two-three months, and the color I have seriously I have no idea if I find it I’ll put it in. Pretty sure it’s one of the lighter shades since I use it for brightening my eyes.


So it looks like this, it come in a see through tube like packaging. You can actually see how much product it comes and the price I really don’t know my mom actually gave it to me. But I did look online and it was around $4-6 in Drugstores.


This is the tip, it has kind of like a “brush” tip. I only use it for under my eyes since during my summer vacation I slept really late I had these huge dark under eye circles and this helped a lot to make me look normal. The only thing I don’t like it does crease a bit and for me it’s a bit too thick so sometimes I use the Ready, Set, Gorgeous concealer from Covergirl over it to make it a bit more easy to blend it out.

Rate: 7/10

Overall it is a pretty good concealer from a drugstore and pigmented for brightening under the eye. I do recommend it if your looking for something different and new to try out.
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Thanks xox, Didi


3 thoughts on “Light Bright Concealer HARD CANDY <3 |beautytime101

  1. I didn’t know that Hard Candy had this concealer! It looks interesting! I just may have to try it out! πŸ™‚ xo

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