Maturing, College, Marriage, Family? |beautytime101

Hola, hope you guys are having an awesome day !
I feel so grateful with everyone who shows support to my blog/page. I know I’ve said more than once in my posts but I’m truly happy with the response I’ve had. It motivates me to keep it going ๐Ÿ™‚

Sooooooo, today I decided to share a bit of my life, some won’t care…some will enjoy reading. If you enjoy personal posts like this or just other than beauty please like or comment what you enjoy reading in my blog.

untitledMaybe you have read other posts of mine and read that I am finishing my college. I am getting a degree on Business Administration, hard way but also at the end of the tunnel.
I moved from my hometown(Vegas, NV) about almost 6 years, and currently living near the boarder of Mexico. It was a huuuuggeee change, but in culture not s many since I am Mexican I would visit all the time since I was a baby.

At the moment I have a boyfriend, which we’ve been almostย 8 months together โค
It’s been a few months you can say, but since the beginning there’s been that spark. The feeling I didn’t thinkย  could experience. Or get loved the way I am, its truly been a blessing to find someone like my boyfriend. We are currently 7 hours away from each other due to his job. At the moment no marriage for me, I finish college this fall semester and will go into a university in spring 2016. I do want to marry and obviously have a family. But for now just get over with school, keep my relationship stable with my boyfriend and do good inย very thing else.

Actually staring a family and thinking about getting married gets me all excited. I want to have a beautiful beach wedding, and a couple of years later start a family…doesn’t everyone dream of that day? Well I do and more each day ever since my boyfriend and I started talking about it…we were about three/four months together…was it too soon?
I don’t know but it seems right to start thinking about my future and start doing some plans, even though the thought of it scares me. So school for now, and get a great job, then I guess marriage. I also wanted to wait since I feel I need to mature, and be more independent. I am the older sibling but I feel even my 11 year old sister is more mature at times. I don’t know but having an older boyfriend (4 years older) has made me sit down and think.

I don’t know what’s coming next, but I sure have a lot of plans ahead…


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