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Hello, happy Friday Eve as I like to call Thursdays!
I’ve seen new people has been following my blog and that gets me super duper excited and feel extra special, thanks guys for showing some love.
After some time when I see new followers I like to tell more about me so you know me a little more or what I like plus just to bring something different each time. I feel like this week I am in a role with posting almost all week, let’s see if I can keep up with school and blogging. Pretty sure I won’t blog during the weekend but maybe I can put something quick and easy up.

I want to travel to…

tumblr_n7l069C3ro1sf4hdqo1_500Ever since I can remember I always have said I wanted to travel to Paris. I don’t know why but the pictures, the movies, it just seems beautiful and it’s the city of love. My room is decorated with Paris dΓ©cor and hopefully one day I get to go. It’s my #1 place I would love to go.
Another place I would like to visit is Italy, I love

largepizza and spaghetti so I’ll be very happy. Plus I remember when I was younger watching Lizzie McGuire Movie on Disney Channel when she went to Italy and became famous, and met a cute pop star…any ways but it all looked beautiful and I bet there’s a lot of interesting things to learn about those places. Since living in Las Vegas there’s a casino named Caesar’s Place, and there’s this one fountain which is in Italy but the replica and it’s simply breath taking and can’t imagine how the real one looks.

tumblr_n07algvcNg1r9l0xwo1_500Greece is another place I would love to visit. I remember ( here we go again with the movies) in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, when Lina left to visit her grandparents they lived in Greece and oh my gosh! The place looked amazing, beautiful, I love the beach so it would be great go to. I love movies where they travel like in Monte Carlo where Selena Gomez comes out, because they travel in the movie but your mind travels with the films.

I guess one day I can take a tour and visit all those great places in Europe, which I would love as a Honeymoon trip, I don’t know it seems so romantic and just places where you would like to travel with a love company.

11391381_849875731734950_998604551392693124_nThis you might all know already hehe, but I love Disney ! There’s something special and full of magic that I love since I was a little girl. I have gone about 7 times already and this year again to celebrate the 60th Anniversary (pic on the right).I like to watch Disney movies and I am trying to collect all, I do have some in VHS but kind of sucks that I don’t have no where to watch them any more. But I will get them in DVD, and I’m not planning on getting rid of them I want to keep them forever ❀ haha.

11329760_849855265070330_5666586489588414856_nIt may sound weird or clichΓ© but it is a “Happiest Place on Earth” right when you walk in. I really want to visit California Adventure since I haven’t gone and Ariel is my favorite princess and they have a ride over there. Plus the Cars Land looks so cool and fun. I also really want to go to Disney World ever since I was a little girl, and I’m keeping that dream till it comes true. I feel a bit evil when I said that *eyes wide open*

11392984_849847038404486_2785443183832040922_nThese are some pictures I took from Disneyland in May when I went if you want to see more or about the new shows let me know and I’llsure do that πŸ™‚

Another thing I love is Love Movies ❀ Yees all those Nicolas Sparks movies I adore! Specially Nicolas’ work is beautiful for me I just love to read it or watch the movies. I guess it’s a bit

tumblr_lb0jan7HTc1qetjhxo1_500corny, or you would of expected that but I do and there’s no shame. I do watch other movies, which that’s another one of my favorite things to do, is to watch movies.
I can literally stay at home all day in pj’s and be the happiest girl.

tumblr_npbjgxHIA81tlbf55o9_r1_250Another thing I like which maybe you find weird is that I love Broccoli! And that’s why it reminded me of Disgust from Insideout “eww broccoli”. But I seriously do I can eat it by it self just adding some butter to melt, and I can eat a bowl of it. I didn’t eat broccoli or cauliflower until last year and fell in love, is that weird ? hah

tumblr_n0bugmXvWl1r0nhs9o1_1280Okay then this is more normal, I do like pizza and when I say I like I mean I loveeeee with all my heart. I seriously one time eat it for four Saturdays in a month and didn’t complain one bit! My boyfriend tries to make me not like it but that won’t happen. me and pizza have a tight bond. *Fist pomp* (I think the chola came out of me a bit there)


Β I loveee(how many times have I said love already?) lipstick. I usually have something on my lips whether it is a bright lipstick, lip gloss, or a simple color lip balm. Once my friend said she recognized me just because of my bright pink lipstick. I feel like it’s a trait of me now, and I just love it. There’s always a color to the way I feel or that goes with my outfit, it’s awesome. Plus I hope one day of coming with my very own lipsticks!

Hopefully you enjoyed this, and it wasn’t too boring and if it was soooorry. Have a great weekend !



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