Monday 8/24/15 OOTD

Hello, hope you are having a wonderful day and that your weekend was awesome.
For me I can say I had a blessed weekend, my mom’s brother had a motorcycle accident but thank God it was some scratches and a broken arm, but he is alive. And on Saturday I got to spend time with my boyfriend which if you didn’t know we’re having a long distance relation at the moment due to his job, so that was pretty great actually.

Anyways back to the blog, today I decided to share if you my outfit I put together for today. Mondays tend to be the day he hate but I think with a comfy, cute, fun outfit it turns any day a better one.

The pictures might not be the best quality, I apologize in advance I didn’t have someone that would help me with the pictures. So I hope you enjoy!


Snapchat-8774471640654466094So I decided to wear a floral maxi skirt because they are comfy and plus I feel if you choose the right accessories you would look put to together and you don’t need to do a lot. I paired it with a basic V-neck white t-shirt that is a must in a closet because it can save your life. Statement necklaces are my thing, besides the bright lips. Which after this pic I did do my lips in a red lipstick. A side braid was perfect for the look and for the weather. The sandals are my recent love, I’ve been getting into boho/tribal inspired clothes.



T-shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: rue21
Sandals: rue21
Neckalces: Walmart

Thanks for taking the time and reading!
Have a blessed day.


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